IN'FLECTOR Window insulation

Window systems have the highest infiltration, highest conductivity, and highest solar radiation. Originally developed by NASA, the In’flector insulation material has been adapted for use as window blinds that control heat in different seasons.

IN'FLECTOR insulators can save up to 40% of energy costs and make the building a more comfortable place for customers and employees.

How does it work?

A transparent insulating panel is mounted to the inside of windows, doors or skylights. The panel consists of a metalized, coated, polyethylene sheet laminated to a sheet of carbon graphite PVC that is then perforated and laminated to a sheet of clear polyester.

The IN'FLECTOR insulating panel is reversible, so the reflective surface can face outward during the seasons when solar gain is a problem, and the carbon PVC surface can face outward during cold seasons to reflect heat back into the building and collect convective sunlight for conversion to radiant heat.

The panel is held in place with magnets which form a virtually air tight seal and inhibits infiltration, conduction and convection while providing additional dead air space for insulation.

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