Weber.Therm XP

The product incorporates insulation fixed to the outside walls, extending the life of a building by keeping the old structure warm and stable. weber.therm XP significantly speeds up the installation of EWI where build-up coats of render must traditionally be allowed to dry before the next coat is applied.

How does it work?

The pre-mixed, powdered render can be pumped directly on to the insulation, which is fixed to the building substrate with purpose-made thermal-break fixings. The junctions with windows, doors and other abutments are treated with special beads and movement joints. The render is applied with a reinforcement layer of either fabric mesh or metal lath.

Some key benefits

  • Can achieve a U-value of  0.35 W/m2k
  • Significantly reduces the work programme and associated costs
  • Eliminates interstitial condensation by creating a ‘warm wall’ construction

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